Our Growing Practices

 no spraying. no harsh tillage. no harmful practices. 

Our growing practices reflect our purpose to nourish and positively impact our community.  This means we grow with human and environmental health in mind. While we are not certified Organic, we follow USDA Organic standards that prohibit the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals as well as follow principles that promote biodiversity, protect the local watershed, and protect soil structure.


Our soil fertility is provided by natural sources of nutrients such as compost, blood meal, pulverized sea shells, and strategic cover cropping. 


Our pests are controlled through physical barriers such as deer fencing and insect netting (and the occasional bug squishing!) 


To reduce damage to the soil and prevent erosion, we  use a semi-permanent bed system that reduces how often the soil is worked and includes perennial buffer strips that soak up excess water and nutrients during rain events.

We also utilize tarps and landscape fabric to reduce weed pressure and prepare our soil for planting. All of our cultivation (weed control) is done using hand tools like the one below. Hand tools reduce the compaction and disruption that our tractor would cause.

Our tractor is used as sparingly as possible in the initial preparation of our beds before planting. This protects the soil and reduces our fuel consumption. 

aboutThe Farm

We share our property in beautiful Cream Ridge with our friends from Spring Wind Farm. We grow everything on just about 2 acres of land, requiring us to intensively manage our space and, simply put, farm smarter. 


95 Holmes Mill Rd. Cream Ridge,NJ


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