Our Share Options
We understand that life is busy and it can be challenging to incorporate fresh, local food into your diet, therefore, we try to take a flexible approach to CSA. Browse below to choose the program that works best for you!
*Please note all prices are for the entire season, paid in a single payment at checkout .

Our CSA Program

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between a community and its local farmers. Members of a CSA purchase a share of the produce prior to the season so that the farmers are able to purchase seed and supplies. In return, the members receive months of fresh produce. In this way, members and farmers share the risks of producing food in a changing climate. 


Becoming a member of our farm means that you will join the movement of people that believe that local, organically produced food is essential to the well-being of our communities and our planet. 

In exchange for your generosity, we will provide you with high-quality produce at a discounted price, and you will have the opportunity to KNOW YOUR FARMER  and have a voice in how your food is grown! 

How Does it Work?

Sign up November through May and enjoy weekly produce from the 1st week of June to mid-November in 2021! 


Select your produce each week via an online order form (click here for a sample form).


 Pick up your bag of fresh produce at your selected pick up location:

Tuesdays 2:30-4:30pm at 69 Maxim Dr, Forked River

Fridays  3:30-5:30pm at the Farm

Saturdays 8:30-1:30 pm at the Brick Farmer's Market

Check out the different program options below! 

Don't forget to add eggs when you sign up!


The family share offers members between 8 and 10 items per share, perfect for a family of 4 or an individual who considers their diet to be mostly vegetarian.



24 weeks June-November for $820

Every Other Week

12 weeks June-November for $420

Short Season

12 weeks  June-August for $420

Every Other Week Short Season

6 weeks June to August for $220

The personal share offers members between 4-6 items per share perfect for an individual or family who wants to combine CSA with shopping at a market.



24 weeks June-November for $420

Every Other Week

12 weeks June -November for $220

Short Season

12 weeks June-August for  $220

Every Other Week Short Season

6 weeks June to August for $120

The lunchbox share offers members 2-3 items per share, perfect for an individual who wants to support the farm but  likes shopping at the market or just wants to enjoy an occasional salad.



24 weeks June- November for $220

Every Other Week

12 weeks June-November for $120

Short Season

12 weeks  June-August for $120

Every Other Week Short Season

6 weeks June-August for $70

What is an Item in your share?

In general an item will be one bunch, bag, pint, quart etc.

Quantities that are considered a single item will fluctuate depending on the week due to natural differences in the plants' production.


For example, when cucumbers first start producing, 2 cucumbers may be considered an item, then at peak time for cucumbers, 6 cucumbers may be considered an item.

Quantities are always given as a maximum so no one is forced to take 6 cucumbers!


Our system also allows you to, for the most part, take all of your items in a single crop.


For example, at peak season, if you have a personal share that can take 5 items, and you want to make pickles that week, you can take a total of 30 cucumbers (6 cucumbers= 1 item X 5 items for a personal share that week). 


Our Add-On Items:

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